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Michelle Wang - Mistress of Presence 

Meet the Mistress of Presence and Founder of Momentary, Michelle Wang. Michelle is a clinical psychologist specializing in love and relationships. Years ago Michelle came across the concept of terroir, which the French often define as a "sense of place." "Psychological terroir," then, becomes our way of locating and rediscovering our authentic selves, rooting ourselves not only to the physical land but also finding anchors for our emotional and spiritual landscapes. Michelle brings years of clinical experience to craft dinners that help deepen our relationship to ourselves and others.

Abraham Espiritu - Master of Stillness

Meet our Master of Stillness and resident photographer, Abraham Espiritu. We love Abe. Who doesn't love Abe. For one, we are in awe of his ability to capture the stillness + ease of life in his photography; a relief when you think about how much dis-ease + movement we experience in our day to day lives. We've done many shoots with Abe and in his presence, we can feel exactly the way he is behind the camera: still, sure + sentient.

Christopher Lewis - Master of Darkness

Meet our Master of Darkness, Christopher Lewis. Chris creates the darkness with all of our dining in the dark events - not an easy production by any means. Chris is also our Director of Beverage + Operations. He spends his days directing the coffee program at Front - an artisanal coffee shop in San Francisco - and manages the coffee programs at Google & Cisco Meraki. His deep passion for food combined with impeccable execution, quirky charisma and steadfastness is why he is an integral part of the Momentary family.